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Give Some Hope

We have started this Project, with the Ambition to give some Hope to People Affected by Circumstances in theyr Lives, that are out of theyr Control. Helping others is a personal Decision that everyone must take for themselves. This is our Way of being thankful for overcoming the same Situation that many others are facing at this very moment all over the Globe. Thats why this Year, we chose to offer our Support to Foundations being engaged in helping People suffering from Cancer. But every Year we will Choose a different purpose to raise money for.  Therefor also a different Organisation will offer our Help to. The Goal we aim for, is to donate 30% of our Earnings by the end of 2018. We hope to be able to do that. During that Time we will Gather as much Informations as possible arround that specific Topic and display it to you, so that you can get a better understanding of it and maybe join us in our attempt of making this place we call our Home, a much better one. Watch out for more Information on this Topic here on our Newsblog .Lets not just take a Day to remind us that Cancer is a major Issue. Becouse Cancer doesn't take a break. Neither won't we.

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