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The Journey begins...

First of all...

Let me explain who We are...and why we are here...

We are a small Group of People, who had the Idea of creating something that others can enjoy. So we set out to provide you with different Goods, you can use in your every day Life. From Fashion and Careproducts, to different kinds of Electronic Accessories. We have created this Shop for many different Reasons and one of them is the wish to create Something that will give us the Possibility, to make a Difference in this World. We want to make a Change! That is why we decided that every Year, we will mak a Donation for Charity .Throughout the Year we will decide whats the next Project - or in certain Cases even more then one Project -  we want to support. This time, we decided to help fight Cancer and support the Research, for better Treatment against this horrible Threat, that is affecting millions of People on the Planet. Now, by visiting our Store and purchasing our Goods, you can be a Part of this Project. With every Item sold in our Shop, you will help us increase the Amount we will be able to donate. We have worked Really hard on making this happen and now it all depends on how it all works out for us in 2018 but we are very confident that we will be able to reach our Goal.

We are working hard, to provide the best shopping Experience possible. So we keep learning every Day to improve ourselfs in oder to keep moving forward. We look forward, to welcome all of you on Thank you for your Support, thank you for helping us make a Difference and bring hope to so many People, all over the Globe. We are absolutly determined to make this Project a Success . Thats why we are willing to take on the Challange today, so we can make a Change for a better tomorrow. Becouse, whats the Point of dreaming if  YOU don't DREAM BIG? Whatever the Future holds for us, together, wegotit!

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