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Our Story


How we came to be.

That's quite a simple Story. WeGotit was founded, with the Vision of doing some humanitarian Work, by trying to support Organizations that are committed to Charity.
Due to our personal Situation of overcoming a difficult Time, when our Lives was governed by major Health Problems, such as Cancer, we decided that it was on us, to make an Effort and try to give some Help to others, who might be facing the same Situation. That's when we thought of kicking off this Project. We dedicate much of our Time to pick our Products one by one, to bring you a variety of carefully selected Goods that you will love, that will make you feel good and that will leave you with the certainty that, whenever you visit us to purchase something nice for you, or a beautyful Gift for a Friend or Family Member, you also give something to others, by helping us help the ones that are less fortunate. We offer many kinds of Goods for almost everyone, we are sure you will find something for yourself as well. in the meantime, why don't you help us spread the Word, and tell others about our Project and our amazing Store. Sharing is caring.

WeGotit was founded in 2017 by, Aldo  and Kristina. Living in the Beautyfull Country of Switzerland, we dedicate ourselfs to bring Love To the World and guess what? Your are Included. 

We now Wish you happy shopping. If You have any Questions, just get in touch with us at any Time you like. We are here for You.